My life starts in South America: Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. That’s where I spent my childhood. The food we make at Lavanderia is a strong expression of where I grew up and the culture that formed my palette.

My father owned a factory and our family lived there; it was a lavanderia. We had a huge mango tree in the yard, and we’d always have a parillada beneath it: the grill rested on the tree’s gnarled roots. We’d clean it with fat chunks of beef fat. We’d grill entire butterflied cows. We’d have loads of sweetbreads, ribs, kalbi, bone-in striploins, white chorizo, spicy red chorizo, and blood sausage.

At Lavanderia, we hope to bring the true flavours of South America to our community here in Montreal. Some of my most fond memories about food are when they were shared with people I loved. When you dine with us, you are family. There’s just no better way to enjoy a meal.

-Antonio Park (Chef-Owner)




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